Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Cult of the DeadCow's simple parody of Google's censorship policies in China. One more link ( on the same.

Monday, February 13, 2006

What next for Google?

Ok...So yesterday search monster Google decided to open up Gmail for domains. Supposedly one can use Google mail server clusters for their corporate email. (This service is not unlike (in spirit obviously) the Google Box that they started to provide to index intranet content). Well, details of how it works, pay or free is not my concern.

Just earlier, G had also announced that they are integrating G Talk with the Gmail application and one can chat from inside the browser window. Cool.

G has a calendaring application in the pipeline.

What does all this mean? To me it only seems that G is attempting to enter the groupware market. trying to take a bite out of Lotus Notes and MS Outlook's market share.

Prior to that G and Sun had announced a web based Office application suite. At least there was speculation. It hasn't materialised yet. It will defenitely not be as powerful as Office application installed on the box, but will be a 'poor man's' suite. More than enough to create documents and presentations.

So is G also looking into causing headaches to MS by developing a replacement to MS Sharepoint services? One that is independent of the OS underneath? All the technologies that i have listed so far being browser based, that is what it seems. All you need would be a browser with AJAX support. No ActiveX so no security hazard etc.....( lemme digress a little..what happened to GBrowser?)

Maybe this is also a replacement to Microsoft Office Live designed for real time collaboration across the globe.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

All of my ESOPs are underwater. ALL OF THEM.
I can't believe that my ESOPs which could have given me $8 per stock as little as 3 months ago has fallen so steeply. The actual earning per share was less than the projected earning by 1 cent..and share prices dropped 5$ in a single day. I can't understand the stock market...