Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I have had to attend conference calls. And I dont have a telephone headset. That is a pain. It requires me to hold the handset in my hand or use my shoulder to keep it pressed against my ear.

However I do have a pair of computer headphones. So is there a device that plugs into the telephone where the handset connects and provides a line-out on the other side, allowing me to use my headphones? This would be useful gizmo. Telephone headsets are expensive, headphones I can get for Rs.100 also. It can also have a line in and a built in mike that can come into play when line-in is not connected.

Also, I can connect a wireless headphone transceiver to the 'device' and walk around during the call...maybe take the call from the 'comfort' of the loo. :-D

BTW this is the right way to attend conference calls. ;-)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The second worst thing that can happen when you are in slow but constantly moving traffic, driving a two wheeler ( a geared vehicle makes matters worse), with a helmet on..is to get an itch on your head.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

No cell phone? You no exist!

It seems to be the case that if one doesn't possess a mobile phone, one doesn't exist. More or less. Or atleast you are not worthy enough to be a customer of a financial service provider. I learnt this the hard way. I happened to provide my contact info with Kotak Securities, to open a demat account. Contact number - office desk phone. No response.
My colleague provided the mobile phone number as contact. Few days later demat account open. The fact that my colleague is now having a torrid time with the customer rep coming to office every other day to get signature upon signature on some arbit documents is besides the point.

ICICI Direct was marginally better. I got a call and was informed that the customer service rep would get in touch with me in a couple of days. After that....nothing.

After this experience I can say one thing with supreme confidence: Customer service of both ICICI and Kotak SUCK!!!