Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Get rid of the monstrosity named Internet Explorer.
Use Mozilla Firefox.

You need to use it to know how good it is and what it supports.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Around a week back, a group of students of Reykjavic Univ released a patch to enable the Linux kernel to suppiort C++. what does this mean to kernel hackers?Well firstly, most hackers dont code C++. they code C :)and Object orientation is a paradigm free of programming languages. Yes, C may not have support for concepts like objects or inheritance etc directly, but the same can be achieved by the programmer himself. (Ref: Object oriented programming in ANSI C) It may now be able to code with "Objects" itself rather than just following the paradigm in C.Even in C++, there are only a handful of things that need runtime support, RTTI, dynamic casting, exception handling etc. The rest of the stuff dont.

Still, it will be defenitely interesting to see how this patch gets used (Getting Linus' green signal is the first hurdle). Linux is a monolithic architecture. Can this development mean that soon we have Microkernel linux and exokernel linux-es?

Slashdot discussion thread

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I fail to understand how some people can quit job in a company that is at the cutting edge of aviation and join a company that had its origins in exchanging love letters. ugh!

Anyway, congrats and all the best.
The Congress Govt removed the Governor of Tamil Nadu because he did not host an independence day tea party.


Why is the congress trying to prove its ineptitude over and over again? It made a mockery of the political-administrative framework (democracy) we live in, in Karnataka and more recently Maharashtra. So much of bickering as to who will do what in a yet to be formed government.

Anyway, we need to hand it to our politicians, than when it comes to politicking, they are top dogs!