Monday, April 23, 2012

Mamata govt releases world map

The TMC government in West Bengal headed by Mamata Banerjee today released a new political world map today. The map, released in a press conference shows five countries missing - China, Laos, Vietnam, North Korea and Cuba. The Mamata government claims that these countries do not exist.

TMC Vice President Derek O'Brien, speaking in a press conference said "These "communist countries" do not exist. Their existence was concocted by the CPM in West Bengal to further their own interests. By creating a country like China - large in area, population, economy, manufacturing, the CPM were trying to show that communists can run a country very efficiently. This however is false; these countries do not exist "

He went on to add that the CPM's propaganda machinery worked overtime over the past 30 years, and the CPM bullied the press into printing articles about these 5 countries, including stories about a Fidel Castro, the Cuban Missilie crisis when they also claimed that Russia was a communist country,US presence in Vietnam, etc. The 'C' in the new economic group BRICS doesn't exist, it is only BRIS."

In a related development, the WB government is also considering to get CPM supporters to wear red stars on their clothing.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

India institutes Whistle Ratna award

The Government of India today announced the Whistle Ratna award, to acknowledge the efforts of whistle blowers. This award will be presented to any whistle blower - civilian or military. And the Government has selected Gen. V K Singh, the chief of the Indian Army as the very first recipient. It should be noted that Gen. Singh brought to light India's defence under-preparedness, corruption, etc in a series of letters to the PMO and MoD, which were then 'leaked'.

The Government also believes that this award will placate the angry general who has been undermining national interest by talking bringing defence secrets  out in the presence of delegations from 'not-so-friendly' China and Pakistan in the country. The general in a short written statement said that he is very happy with the award.

The proposal  was initially opposed by Ms. Mamta Banerjee who called it a communist plot, and by Ms J. Jayalalitha, who expressed concern on possible nuclear fallout.