Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Linutop and lost opportunities

Linutop is a Linux based diskless computer whose main purpose, according to the makers is to surf the internet. It got featured on Reg Hardware.
OK. So what's the big deal? Well... I had something similar (and bigger actually) in mind when I wrote this post back in August. I had just replaced a monitor with a TV as the display device and mentioned the whole thing in the context of Ultra Mobile PCs.

I feel like an idiot... and am jealous!! Wish I had a Venture Capitalist as a friend.
Y! Desktop Search doesn't seem to support Case sensitive, Whole word and Regex based query strings. I am impressed with the speed of retrieval though.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The new Yahoo! Desktop Search (YDS) is good. Much better than the (alpha/beta) version I had installed earlier. Couple of problems I saw were installing the extension pack seemed to mess up indexing of my Outlook folder contents. Might be just that some settings got changed.
Another thing is logging in with my Y! credentials failed. This is required to index Y! Messenger archives. I have no trouble logging into Y! services though.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

YM Weather Plugin

Originally uploaded by Anthroponym.

A really strange tool tip that popped up. Why is it showing Sunday's weather (according to the tooltip) on Monday?
Also, the tool tip has partly covered the forecast area. In that it shows forecast for Sunday and Monday. I would expect Monday and Tuesday instead.
It could be that the weather data server is in a different time zone. But the plugin must handle such minor things.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lets do some cooking!!!

Well... the cooking in the video was on an XBox 360.
If you don't like to cook on a gaming console you can alternatively use the 'coolest stove in the world' - A MacBook.

Novell + M$

What does the M$ & Novell pact have in store for FOSS developers? How does the community, which doesn't necessarily love M$ view this? So far there doesn't seem to have been any opinions expressed by FOSS heavyweights like RMS, ESR, Linus etc. There don't seem to be any benefits to the community by this deal. Will this alienate Novell from the community?
Will SuSE be rechristened?