Saturday, August 27, 2011

New products and reality - Apple's challenges

Close on the heels of Steve Jobs announcing his resignation, Apple today announced additions to its gadget and app store portfolio with three new Jobs-inspired products - iResign, iRetire, and u-r-Fired.

The apps, designed for iPhone and iPad, cost $99.99, while the tri-functional limited edition gadget is now available for online-order at $79.99. Apple spokesperson, Tom Neumayr, said that "Apple is giving a choice for users to either pay $20 extra for an application that will run on their existing device or buy a new limited edition device."

When asked about the name 'u-r-Fired', he said "The 'i' prefixed naming very effective at playing at consumer's ego. But iAmFired seemed gramatically odd, and iHaveBeenFired was too long a name. So we opted for u-r-Fired. We don't believe the name is going to affect sales, because we have a very specific target market for it. On the contrary, this limited edition app will actually be a keepsake item."

With Jobs' exit, Apple execs are now said to be facing their biggest challenge ever : reality. Job's Reality Distortion Field was able to bring the company out of its worst days in the late 90s to the profitable entity it is today. With that gone, the execs see that all they are left with are a bunch of fanbois, most of whom are uptight, self indulgent snobs with a fetish for with cuboids with rounded edges and painted white.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Reservation demanded for watching Aarakshan movie

The movie Aarakshan has now been drawn into a fresh and rather unusual controversy. The movie deals with the issue of reservation has seen its fair share of controversies prior to release. The various socio-political groups claiming to represent the 'backward castes' of India initially claimed that the movie was inaccurate/insensitive/misrepresenting truth etc without watching the movie.

Today however, things took an interesting turn as the same groups also demanded for reservation of seats in theaters for watching the movie. In a written letter to the Central Government and the Central Board of Film Certification, the groups stated that "Because this movie is about reservation, it is but natural to ensure that reservation is applied by theaters when selling tickets. The theaters must follow the reservation quotas set by the respective state government".

This demand means that each person intending to watch the movie must carry caste identification when purchasing the ticket - advance bookings have therefore been cancelled. If the seats earmarked for the backward castes does not get filled, then it will be provided to the upper castes.

It is believed that leaders like Mayawati, who have espoused the cause of upliftment, have also offered their moral support to the demand.