Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I really can't describe the beauty of the article Is God A Taoist by Raymond Smullyan. It talks about free will...but can also be a debate on religious beliefs. So all I would say it yourself.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

if (font face == arial) then person=dependable

Graphology is the practice (no not science) of study of handwriting and its connection to behavior/personality of the writer. This is different from forensic handwriting analysis which deals with matching handwriting samples. The use of graphology is mired in controversy. It is the same brain that caused a financial fraud that later created the best & most famous short stories of our time.

People especially in IT industry have stopped writing and started type-writing. Thanks to email, the primary form of communication. So...the obvious question. each person has their own choice of font face, colour, size and email format ( plain text/ rich text/HTML). Do all these also provide an 'insight' into the personality of the sender of the mail? Is a person who uses Verdana or Arial font very formal, and one who uses Comic Sans a lot more light hearted? Or is a person who uses Garamond a PHB ? ;-)

Friday, April 07, 2006

I liked the idea behind the 'Times Now' promo. The one in which various people say what they are currently doing, like 'I am walking on the moon', or 'I am climbing Mount Everest'. But the ad is incomplete. The ad must have ended with Sourav Ganguly telling 'I just scored a century'. That would have been the icing on the cake. ;-)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Just a cut below my lower jaw

Dubare 062
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Over the previous weekend, a bunch of us from office decided to take off to Coorg. A long walk in the Dubare forest on the first day, and some water sports on the second. Nice little stay. Fun outing. The scary part was getting into the water, in the middle of a large lake formed as part of the Kabini reservior. First time I was getting into the water without able to feel the ground beneath my feet. Then I saw people scared to death with just the thought of getting into the water. Irony is when person A tells person P 'You look so relaxed and comfortable in the water' and then goes nuts when asked to get into the water.
Hydrophobics they called themselves. All this inspite of wearing a lifejacket.

While in the water, the instructor gave me a push with his paddle to move me closer to place where the rest of the people in the water were floating. The paddle slipped and hit me right below my lower lip. I fear to imagine how the self-proclaimed 'hydrophobics' would have reacted if it had been them who took the blow and not me.
Well, all that is done and we are back to suffer the monotony of office.
This is my Flickr photo set.
By the way, the image you see is of the only manager in the group throwing his weight around. Literally ;-)