Saturday, April 15, 2006

if (font face == arial) then person=dependable

Graphology is the practice (no not science) of study of handwriting and its connection to behavior/personality of the writer. This is different from forensic handwriting analysis which deals with matching handwriting samples. The use of graphology is mired in controversy. It is the same brain that caused a financial fraud that later created the best & most famous short stories of our time.

People especially in IT industry have stopped writing and started type-writing. Thanks to email, the primary form of communication. So...the obvious question. each person has their own choice of font face, colour, size and email format ( plain text/ rich text/HTML). Do all these also provide an 'insight' into the personality of the sender of the mail? Is a person who uses Verdana or Arial font very formal, and one who uses Comic Sans a lot more light hearted? Or is a person who uses Garamond a PHB ? ;-)


Sundar said...

I can't think of such direct associations. However, people using appropriate fonts for their content do get admired.

Epiphany said...

I hate it when I get mails with text in colour or with wierd what t odo with these people???