Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Get rid of the monstrosity named Internet Explorer.
Use Mozilla Firefox.

You need to use it to know how good it is and what it supports.


Surinder said...

welcome to the club :) .. have been using it for abt 6-7 months now .. and i just love it :) .. did u started using it now ! ?

Anonymous said...

Oh well .. I know where you got the inspiration. Its your x-boss , whom you so admired and chose to sit next to him , who influenced you.I will let him know that his disciple has followed in his footsteps.

Praveer said...

Have u tried Firefox Extensions ?...
I'm using Gmail notifier and some weather.com & page rank extensions. They're good.
Gonna try some rss feed extension.
And you're well aware of my fixation to themes. Firefox is THE browser for me.

But IE still has around 90% market share on Windows PCs. So Firefox has a long way to go. The only hitch is that people dont know about it !