Wednesday, May 26, 2004


It is not uncommon that somebody gets called a different name but my case seems to be bit unique. I regularly seem to be getting called names other than my own.I have been called quite a few different names like Ananthraman, Ananthkrishnan,Ananthapadmanabhan etc. And a few "high profile" and popular names like Ananth Kumar, Ananth Nag and even Aanthashayanam

Interesting to note is the fact that all the "high profile" names are of people who have been or are still involved in politics. Ananth Kumar is the sitting Parliamentarian from south Bangalore. Ananthashayanam Iyengar was the second speaker of the Lok Sabha after GV Mavalankar.
Ananth Nag is an actor and was a cabinet minister in the state. Unfortunately in the last two elections he lost badly;he couldn't recover his deposit :(.

Actually some of my relatives too dont remember properly. I remember an incident in school where all the "Ananth"s of 7th standard were called to the office because they had a visitor who did not know the complete name of the student.

By this time most of you would have probably guessed what my name is. If not keep guessing ;)


Sanjeeth said...

Ur Hello World Blog ? kindly welcome!

Epiphany said...

welcom 2 bloggin......u gettin addicted to SMS too....vocab!!! ne how waitn for more posts soon ;)

Anonymous said...

So You are Mr. Shayanam Kumar Nag right ???
Lets meet somewhere. You seem to be an interesting fellow.

Myself: Mohammad Praveer Singh D'Souza !!