Wednesday, October 06, 2004

"Anthro" Agassi

Playing a sport for the first time is an experience. I dont think it would be much different than the first steps I took as a kid or the first words I spoke. Well, obviously one doesn't remember those. And I dont know whether one would like to remember the day one plays a game for the first time. Its kind of a mixed bag you see.
I have mostly, played cricket with some basket ball and volleyball and badminton interspersed in between (for want of a cricket bat or ball or both actually) for most of my life.
Playing tennis and playing cricket are just as different as... well...playing tennis and playing cricket.
In cricket one is advised to play the ball from close to the body. And instinctively, I did exactly that, get close to the ball to play it. And due to that, I matched my more experienced colleague stroke for stroke. There was hardly anything different between my style of play and his. Just that what he hit fell in the court and what I hit went over the enclosure.
Anyway these are just early days. And given my abilities and talents; well.... get ready peoples, a new star is rising on the tennis sky.
Look out for the next senior citizens tennis champion!!!


Praveer said...

Welcome to the industry Anthro !

Ambar said...

I don't know about new stars rising, but the hot
air in your head is sure making something rise :P