Monday, December 06, 2004

An Astrological Predicament

There is this never ending debate if Astrology is a science or a non-science. It is funny, how one can think that one's life is governed by stars, planets and other cosmic bodies. People even go to the extent of identifying common behavioural traits under every sun sign. But I have a question to ask:
Let me assume that astrology has its credibility and is something to be believed. And that cosmic dust has more role to play in my future than the decisions I make. Now, as far as I know, astrology uses a predefined set of planets and stars and their locations in the sky.
But what about the stars and planets that have been discovered recently?
I mean, if Mars and Jupiter can influence the course of my life,
What influence does the asteroid belt that is in between them have on me?


Sanket said...

Anthro, someone has to inform the asteroid belt of its duties. It'll undergo a probabtion and then start working. Wait for sometime. U'll come to know the influence of that belt on ur life. In the mean time, Murali Manohar Joshi will go to that asteroid belt and train it. Wait mADu, magA...

Sowmi (Anand) said...

Well, I do not know a rigorous answer for that. But if you are willing to assume astrology could be a SCIENCE based on stars on planets, then you shouldnt have problems accepting its based only on a few of them. The effects of other far off objects are integrated into the few degrees of freedom that we have allowed.

The discovery of quantum physics does not disprove classical physics... although it proves the other insufficiencies...

Thats how!