Tuesday, January 11, 2005

When it comes to anti-employer cribbing,

There probably are few things that are more satisfying than standing with the lead technical architect of the company and criticising the company for the shitty products it has made and the shittier ones that are in the pipeline.


Praveer said...

Just wondering when u say "Technical Architect" who are your pointing to...

Taran said...

Jumpin to next company soon ??
Or when are they going to promote you to lead techincal arch.

anantha said...

Hmmmm... if i were you, I wouldnt do it on here... trust u'll see what i am telling you and take this off asap..

Praveer said...

I think anthro's ranting about a "past experience".
So I'm still wondering who is this "Technical Architect"
and if he is who I think he is, then I tell you, Anthro's feat cant be disregarded. If you have been through floods, it aint no easy to stand and smile after inciting a tsunami yourself.

Anonymous said...

aNTi, the cribbing has already been done, in person, with the architect present. So this is a real life account. nothing to worry.