Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Right to Freedom

Traffic snarls are the main complaint that residents and visitors of Bangalore have. I personally feel one can manage slow moving or heavy traffic but not indiscplined drivers, especially the 2 wheeler riders weaving in and out of lanes.

One of my colleagues was in M$ Hyderabad, had this incident to narrate and it beats most other bad driving examples:
Some motorist, while driving put on his right indicator but continued going straight ahead. Actually he did not stop till the next trafic signal, where a fellow motorist asked why he hadn't turned right though he was indicating he would. The first motorist replies "It is my bike and my indicator. I have the freedom to do whatever I want with it!!! What is your problem?!"

What can I say.


Vivek Kondur said...

Hey buddy two wheelers especially those with disc brakes are causing road rage all around Bangalore. I had accident last week, but i was very lucky that i never had any injuries.

I guess it's better if the traffic moves @ slower pace, so even if accidents happen the effect would be minimal. But Bangalore Traffic Police must come with some steps to control this Auto drivers and two-wheelers who drive rashly.

Archana said...

Life would be really peaceful and beautiful without bikes and rickshaws....so it may get boring at times!! Its worth having these indisciplined drivers for the fun of it!!

Praveer said...

Archana ji,

I come across an accident where a raging biker had collided with a bus. Believe me, the sight of somebody lying in a pool of blood is anything but fun.

People were talking about poor Bus driver getting arrested for absolutely no fault of his. I'm sure he would have preferred a boring life.