Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bangalore's "town planners" have either learnt their town planning skills from nomadic people or are nomads themselves and hence inherited the knowledge.
How else can one explain the arbitrary nature of solutions they come up with to 'solve' the city's infrastructure problems.


DS said...

Remember what Pince Commodus did when he killed his father and became the Roman Emperor in the movie Gladiator. That's how the rabble work!

Vivek Kondur said...

Instead of providing good governance to the ppl of this nation, our politicans are more concerned with Names of our Cities, I don't really understand what would anyone achieve by just changing the Name.

BTW Bangalore has some pretty good *town planners*, unfortunately they never have a free hand in planning, as always the politicians & bureaucrats come into the scene.

Any idea what happened to the transformation of our OLD CENTRAL JAIL which was supposed to be *Freedom Park*?

Taran said...

Don't get it?

How do you make a long stick shorter without cutting it. Place it next to an even longer stick.

Create a bigger problem and this problem is not lenger a big problem!