Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I had discussed some product ideas with a colleague. And then both of us unanimously chucked it out thinking it would not find any users and was a bit cumbersome to engineer, mainly due to external dependencies. Today, I understand it is actually being productised.


Gourav said...

Mahabala did the same with one of mine and a shoe company is minting money from it :(

Taran said...

i can agree no less. A lot many of my ideas, 5 to be precise, have been slaughtered because __the people thought it was plausible but not feasible to implement them or they added little values. And today I read that a similar thing is being used in other fields!
So much for innovation.
I feel like pheonix. Slaughtered and then resurrected.

Praveen said...

A lot of innovations happened by gut feeling and not market research and market data ! Of course a lot of them failed ..its all about taking that one step that makes the difference !