Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Manning Park Trip

E.C. Manning Park is a large natural reserve ~200 KM from Vancouver. We folks from my research lab went on a weekend camping trip to the place over the long weekend ending on Labour Day in Canada (7th Sep).

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Most of us landed, Friday evening at the Lightning Lake camp site. No idea why it is called Lightning Lake, might be a native name translated to English.

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There wasn't any activity on Friday barring dinner. Saturday, we went on a 13 km hike around the lake, followed by a late lunch, some football/volleyball & dinner. It was quite cold Saturday evening, and I woke up with body ache the next day. The cold had 'penetrated' my sleeping pad and bag. It was a 'civilised' camping, and the campsite had well maintained bathrooms and hot water. A hot shower was all it took to relieve the pain. :)

Sunday was mostly lazy. Some folks had to leave; and they did. The rest played a bit of volleyball and then went boating on Lightning Lake.

I was rudely woken up Monday morning by the sound of my alarm going off. Till then I was sleeping peacefully in the warmth of my sleeping bag. I woke up, but unable to open my eyes (my skull cap had slipped over my eyes) or move (I was in a stage similar to anesthetic awareness for a moment), the first thing that crossed my mind "Has the tent collapsed!?". Looking back, that moment was really fun. Luckily, I was back in my senses quickly and was able to extricate myself from the confines of my sleeping bag and tent.

Breakfast was followed by departure - and we were back at our respective homes by late afternoon.

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Rama said...

Seems like you had good fun, enjoy!!