Saturday, January 02, 2010

3 idiots

Managed to watch the movie in its entireity. I guess that statement sums up my 'review' of the movie that has been the subject of many positive reviews, topical discussions and resounding financial success. The movie is an adaptation of 5 Point Someone. I've seen the theatrical performance by Evam, which was wonderfully done.

The movie definitely makes its point against the Indian undergrad education system. But as a cinematic experience, it was a letdown, especially after what Rajkumar Hirani has given us in the past - the well made Munnabhai movies. One can understand some amount of drama added to the script to cater to popular taste, but a cast that has two 40+ year old men playing the part of 20 year olds is difficult to digest. The ridiculous wig and accent that Boman Irani's character had were probably not necessary. Not to mention many recycled jokes - which we shall forgive. The last straw was the newborn baby coming 'back to life' (?) when it hears 'All is Well'.

Chetan Bhagat is alleging that he wasn't given due credit. If I were him, I would actually not bother about credits and actually try to distance myself from the movie.

Simply put: "Movie देखके मज़ा नहीं आया".

If I have to see '3 Idiots', I'll look at myself in the mirror; thrice over. That's sufficient.


Anonymous said...

... not to mention the overacting and the cheezy dialogues. It didn't even have a decent music score to make up for all the deficiencies.

A big let down.

Aparna said...

actually when you look at the blurb of 5 pt spomeone, a comment is "its DCH in a book" that makes 3 idiots DCH part usual a pathetic sequel.
Few characters that were quite unnecessary are that of mona singh, kareena kapoor and javed jaffri. Really...what were they doing in the movie? But i must say that guy nicknamed "silencer" has acted really well..

Neets said...

Absolutely agree... i loved the msg they are trying to convey... to break away from stereotypes, etc and for the lil things it reminded me of college... but the over-aged guys get to you... plus the jokes that we have already read a zillion times thanks to email-forwards. Funny enough.. i thought Madhavan was looking older than Aamir. Joshi looked the closest to part.
The movie was otherwise a good attempt i felt... but why is it that people didnt have the confidence to have real 20 yr olds play the parts? may be they thought the movie had a better chance of riding the waves with aamir's star power(?!!)

Paresseux (Lazy Person) said...

hmm .. i liked it not just because it was really well made but it brought back to life the college days in a hostel :) chatur acted well ... Not sure if they could have done a better job in adaptation of a book.