Monday, March 15, 2010


Was reminded of this dialogue by Jhanvi in लगे रहो मुन्ना भाई:
इन्टरनेट की दुनिया के तो "touch" में है, लेकिन पड़ोस में कौन रहता है, जानते तक नहीं
मोबाइल, लंद्लैन की भरमार है, लेकिंग जिगरी दोस्त तक पहुंचे, ऐसे तार कहाँ है?

We live in a connected world. But are we really connected?

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Neets said...


Not at all. I use internet as an excuse to 'seem' connected.
Just yest i met Rughu from college and I was thinking, dispite having managed to ping once in a blue and being on trips once in a year, we really didnt sit down and talk about what really mattered in our lives, get to know whats happening. We have been 'friends' for so long, I thought. But the truth is that we have rolled down hill from friends to aquaintences. Since then I have been trying to think of all those people that I have not connected with.

Its never too late to get connected, Ananth.

Best of luck