Wednesday, June 08, 2011

India launches "internet commenting" course

The Ministry of Human Resources Development, Govt of India today announced the launch of a new course - Internet Commenting - designed to teach people to post comments and opinions on various Internet fora and websites.

"The course is a pre-requisite for completion of secondary school and must be refreshed once every 2 years. The first module in this course is 'understanding satire and sarcasm', literary constructs that appear to be lost to the general Indian public. The Center and all state Governments believe that in order to make a useful contribution to discussions and consequently to society, Indians need to know how to read tongue-in-cheek articles that poke at the issues plaguing us." stated Ms Vibha Puri Das, secretary of the Department of Education under the Ministry of Human Resources Development in a press conference yesterday.

She also observed that "Typically such a journalistic/contributory article/editorial is followed by hajjar, mostly abusive, moronic comments by those who fail to understand the article; making the commenter look like a nitwit. Comments posted by Indians are can be broadly classified as either being irrelevant, anti-author/website, or if all else fails, anti-Pakistan and are almost always, unintentionally hilarious. Comments that do not fit into any of these categories, which is extremely rare, are the ones that have some sense in them."

"Our society prides in the importance it gives to education and such comments go to the contrary. We can't blame commenter it if she didn't understand sarcasm so we decided to add this additional course to the curriculum." - Kapil Sibal, Minister of HRD added.

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