Monday, August 27, 2012

Colgate-Palmolive pulls Govt of India to court on infrigement

Colgate-Palmolive today slapped a case of trademark infringement and defamation on the Government of India. The suit  follows the coal allocation scam, dubbed Coalgate by the press. Speaking to the press, Mr Niket Ghate, General Counsel, Colgate-Palmolive India, said that the Govt of India willfully undertook the coal allocation scam in an effort to undermine and defame the brand.

He said "It is general practice to add the word 'Gate' to any major scam or scandal. The PMO knew that the illegal coal allocation scam would sooner or later come out in the open and be dubbed Coal-gate. The word sounds very similar to our leading brand of toothpaste, and the name of the company itself. The coal scam is a willful infringement of our trademark."

Mr Ghate also added that the negative connotation of the word has impacted the positive image of the brand and resulting in loss of customer goodwill - the damages of which cannot be measured, especially after being named as one of the most admired companies in India by Fortune magazine. A case of defamation has also been slapped on the central government.

-Agency Sources

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