Friday, August 13, 2004

Man we are in demand!

Check this economic times article.
Are we in demand or what?

Hold on to your horses peoples. See this one also.


Anonymous said...

This is defnitely not the techie I know of.Techies earlier ie during "my time"(not long ago:1996-97) the definition of a techie was very different.

Torn jeans,facial hair,unwashed clothes ... these people still exist.Whats does the matrimonial market say about these guys :-) .

Praveer said...

Thanks Man !
You made my "Otherwise Bad" Day :-)

a_beautifulmind said...

Techies Happy? Both the articles are nice.The best reason in article for marrying a techie was his attitude for looking at life objectively.By the way any articles on techie-gals :-)

The question which arises now is that- With pretty long working hours leaves hardly any time for family,what does a techie wants as wife-- a girl @ home or a girl @ workplace?
Both have their pros & cons...let's see what the techies have to say.