Saturday, August 21, 2004

Work is worship!!

I am here at work. Disillusioned with the industry in just a couple months; seeing nothing of what I was expecting from it when I first joined. :( Dunno what i will do for the rest of my life.

Now I think, how it would have been had I not chosen this industry and was in a different one.

Would I be in the same state of mind? What wouldI be thinking at this point of time, if I had pursued a childhood dream? A dream at an age when computers were unheard of and the most dashing profession around was that of a bus driver. The driver was the "hero", driving a fast and huge vehicle vrooom vrooom, twisting and turning and applying screeching brakes.


More important, if I had suggested my choice of profession to my parents, what would their reaction be? In many western countries, children are out of home in their late teens. they take up jobs and save money for higher education. Here, on the other hand, the structure is quite the opposite. We tend to depend on our parents till atleast our graduation. Sometimes even for higher education.

Our parents would have the shock of their lives if we were to tell that we wanted to work our way for our higher education. Imagine, how would "society" react if a professor's son/daughter were to take up the work of a carpenter or painter. Shock? Surprise?

Let us assume the professor has been exposed to the western way of life. Inspite of it, his/her reaction would be just the same as a person who is not.


We live in a tight social structure and people dont seem to accept change easily. One one side there is all this talk of western culture invading india and that the social structure is eroded etc etc, we dont seem to see some of the positives. One thing to admire is the dignity of labour. No one who comes from "respectable families" in our country would work as a waiter or newspaper or milk delivery person . Atleast none that I know of.

It takes an open mind to accept the idea and allow something that is "against" the usual way of life here. How many of us (the current generation of "smart alecs" and "know it alls" would encourage this?

PS: I asked a few of my friends "If u were a big shot in the society and ur son got the job of a carpenter / waiter for the sake of earning for higher education, what wud ur reaction be?"

I got a few "no problem" (and a few "no way!") responses from friends I asked; that they would encourage their children to earn for their education. But then, times change and so do people.


a_beautifulmind said...

Present Economy has made every phase of our life more complicated and competitive.In today's world one needs to move with the changing times.

We must redesign the old methods of working and continuously be on the look out for more effective ways of working. Love your work.(Keep time for other forms of love also ;-) ) "Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it." Hence autograph your work with excellence.

Vivek Kondur said...

The main problem we all(Indians) suffer from is attitude, we are not open to new things which life offers. We have old mindset and our thoughts never break from that level.

May it will take another 1 generations for the change to happen in India. Hope one day in it will change in here too.

Epiphany said...

read this and thot abt u'r post

IT guy - (Asks worker) What do you have?
Daily Wage Construction Worker - .......stays * quite*
IT guy - I have Money, Name, Stock Options What do
you have?
Daily Wage Construction Worker - (Softly) I have work.