Friday, May 06, 2005

ISRO!! I salute.


Mandar said...

me too. :)
in fact, everybody is proud of ISRO.
i think this was the first time two satellites were launched into orbit at one go.
also, this time, PSLV had the heaviest payload! great, isn't it? :)

Ishwar said...

misplaced sense of patriotism/jingoism...

what are you proud of? that that a few people totally unrelated to you launch a satellite? or are you proud that you did not have any part to play in it, or is it despite that?

YOU are proud of THEIR achievements? why? who gave you the right to? if being from the same geographical/demograpic location is the reason, i am sorry

Anthroponym said...

We are proud of you too.

Praveer said...

I cud never understand people's capacity to bask in the glory of others, be it compatriots.

I wonder if they share the feeling of guilt too when they read about rapes and murders.

Ambar said...

Patriotism, the last refuge of the scoundrel.

Corollary: Vicarious pride, the path of the worthless?