Thursday, May 26, 2005

No more Wintel, now for Mac-tel

A few days ago this Reuters article spoke about possible collaboration between chip giant Intel and Apple. Then came this Paul Otelini statement. Intel seems to be wooing Apple.

The last few Intel products for the desktop market have had a few problems resulting in recalls, the semi conductor industry seems to have hit "stable" or "diminishing returns" stage, MS Longhorn is asking too much from the hardware and integrated graphics can't provide it. In discrete graphics nVidia and ATI are leaders coming up with ever more powerful graphics processors, AMD is coming up with lower power laptop/desktop processors and higher performance in the server market. So the logical step....look for a new market.

We can extend this to take x86 processors + chipset instead of Intel alone. So in come AMD, Cyrix etc. x86 processors are most commonly used in desktops/laptops and Mac OS is touted as the best for end users (geeks prefer the command line of *nix clones, so they are not excluded).

So will we see the marriage of the two? Can an "Intel Inside" desktop have Mac OS X running on it? Lets see...
(Just hope it will be affordable if it does come up :-))

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