Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Kasmiri Separatist "Leaders" are leaving for Muzaffarabad today. And apparently they also have been invited by Pakistan and plan to visit the country. And the separatists have been given Indian passports.
Let these fellows go and talk to the Pakistani government how to make Kashmir part of Pakistan. Once they come back, throw them in behind bars, charge them of treason (they are Indian citizens since they have Indian Passports and they are doing "desh drohi" activities) and then get them executed.
Kashmir Problem Resolved. Period.


Mandar said...

i dont think its that simple, anthro. how many separatists r u gonna execute and each one, on what basis?!

Ishwar said...

Any problem based on emotions as pointless as patriotism can be resolved only by war.
-- Ishwar, 03/May/2005. 15:07

Mandar said...

hi anthro!
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i have added you too to the tag. please carry it forward.

Superman said...

Dude pls, one should not be persecuted for his/her beleifs and the causes he/she supports when they cause no bodily harm to anyone. Remeber we were once seperatists that tried to break away from the great empire.(the common weatlth of nations governed by great britain)