Thursday, June 30, 2005

Book Tag Stuff

I got tagged 3 times over on this, by Sanket, Mandar and Ambar( All three were supposed to defend their Master's thesis yesterday. Hope this isn't an obit post to them :-D). So I finally decided to put up this book tag meme.

Number of books I own:
I have no idea. Most of the books I have are those that I have borrowed.
Then there are Project Gutenberg, Univ. of Virginia online library and the Univ. of Adelide online library.
Why buy, when you can borrow or download.

First book ever: The first few books I read were the Hardy Boys stories in school. The first fiction novel I read must be Kane and Abel.

Last Book Read:
Fiction: Animal Farm.
Non-Fiction: Get better or get beaten. Something to do with Jack Welch strategies for GE's phenomenal success when he was heading the company.

Five Books which mean a lot to me: Hmmmmm.
This seems to be a question out of the movie High Fidelity. Anyways...

Collection of O'Henry short stories. Currently reading. Very good.
Animal Farm.
Calvin n Hobbes: Collection of all strips from 1985 to 95. Best timepass.
The Emperor's New Mind: On consciousness. Combines lots of fundas from Computer science, Quantum physics, Mathematics, Chaos, Biology, Psychology...etc.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. How can I forget this. This also total timepass reading. For the eternal inter-galactic explorer!!

Now, the five people I'm passing on the meme to:
One more High Fidelity question!!

I have no idea. Do I have to? If i decide the list, I will update the post. Till then the list is empty.

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Mandar said...

finally! i thought u wud never put up this post!