Friday, June 23, 2006

My company has a spacious parking space. So, lets put it to good use. I want to drive to work in a lorry. Pakka goods transportation lorry, an Ashok Leyland one, with 'Horn Ok Please' written on the back.
All this just to see and enjoy the bewildered faces of site security personnel and colleagues. Think it will be fun.


Sundar said...

When I was working for Madras Cements Limited, I used to fantasise driving, on road, a remodelled Dumper (a giant vehicle used to carry limestone from the mines)! Just to give an idea of its size, the wheel itself would be taller than most humans, but, its length would equal that of a mini-truck. This gives a very boxy look to it. I couldn't get an exact model on the web, but this picture gives an idea.

Bharat said...

And soon there will be more empty slots opwening up for your truck :)

Taran said...

Why don't you try driving (not flying) Airbus 380. Added advantage you can start local transport or car(??) pool for 800+ people all economy or more with standing included!
Can chop off the wings a little if you like.