Sunday, May 29, 2011

Center launches train to commemorate IPL finals

The Center today announced a new train between Bangalore and Chennai, the cities, who's IPL franchise teams reached the finals of IPL4. This train is the seventeenth train route to connect the two cities. This train route is expected to be available for ticket booking starting today. The government also added that this train route will be available only for 1 year. The train will then connect the cities whose franchises reach the final of next IPL instalment.

The notable features of the yet unchristened IPL train route will be the staff, who will be dressed in finalists' jersey colours, the food items available in the train, which be the cuisine local to the two cities. For a start, the Railways has setup an expert committee to identify the differences between the recipies of idli, vada, sambar, dosa (all varieties), chutney, coffee, and tea used in Chennai and Bangalore.

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R Arun Srivatsan said...

Sambar is red in bangalore and yellow in chennai. RCB has red jersey and CSK has yellow jersey. Thats all my lord