Thursday, May 26, 2011

Feminists in India boycott themselves

Accussed in the 2G scam, Kanimozhi requested bail on the grounds that she is a woman, playing on and conveniently reinforcing the "abala nari" (helpless woman/damsel in distress) stereotype. Feminist organisations, who typically work to break the very stereotype are now in a quandary over the statement.

Further, no such organisation opposed this defense tactic used by the accused, resulting in the general perception that these organisations are being hypocritical. he organisations have now called for a boycott of and will be holding protest marches against feminist organisations that did not take any action against the 'stereotype reinforcement' . To put it simply, they have decided to boycott themselves.

Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalitha however, stated that Kanimozhi must not be given any concessions and told Kanimozhi to "be a man!" and do the right thing.

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