Friday, September 30, 2011

Indian beggar pays income tax

The Indian income tax authorities today issued notice to the beggar woman who was handed a $100 note by socialite Paris Hilton. It was reported earlier in the media, that Ms Hilton stopped her vehicle near the Andheri locality in Mumbai and handed the money to the woman, who did not have any clue of who the person was or how much the single currency note amounted to in Indian Rupees.

The Income Tax authorities stated that an income of INR5000 per day amounts to 150,000 per month, which is above the no-tax income bracket. Using recorded  proof of the income, the I-T authorities identified the woman and have issued a 'non payment of tax' notice. The woman has been asked to pay the income tax by the 15th of October, failing which she will also have to pay fines.

Image courtesy: IBN Live
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mani said...

wonderful !! very interesting post. I like it. Thanks.

Saranyaa Dhayanithi said...

Nice one! Should not be a surprise if this really happens.