Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stray dogs to teach pedestrians

The Bangalore municipal corporation (BBMP) has embarked on a project to improve road sense amongst pedestrians in Bangalore. Started in collaboration with the Road Transport Office and various NGOs, the project intends to use stray dogs to teach better road sense to pedestrians. It has been observed by drivers that pedestrians do not pay any attention to the surroundings  and tend to step into the path of fast moving vehicles with no concern for their lives. Strays on the other hand, pay more attention to the traffic and cross the streets with a safe distance between them and the oncoming vehicle.

Over the years, strays have attacked innocent joggers, and even mauled children to death. But the NGOs have cried themselves hoarse against the killing or even neutering of these dogs. However, with this initiative, these dogs will now become government servants, like canine squads used by the police. The move has been generally welcomed by all parties.

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R Arun Srivatsan said...

Look at the irony of the last sentence. Dogs can be welcomed by all parties but cannot be welcomed for any party.