Friday, September 10, 2004

Can this be true?

For obvious reasons, let me not question the credibility or the validity of the test* nor that of the result. Let me bask in the glory, however shortlived, of the result that I obtained. Let me savour the moment!!

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*The site itself claims that the "What Famous Leader Are You" test is NOT a serious one.


Sanket said...

I took the test.. and guess what I got...

"People who don't like you like chemical weapons. You are Saddam Hussain blah ... blah... blah ..."

>:) :-(


Sanket said...
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Sundar said...

Similar as in? ;)

Ambar said...

Anant, took it twice, 27 and 45 qns. Guess? Saddam and Abe Lincoln :0
And me is OS/2 Warp!!!!!