Monday, September 13, 2004

Musings over the weekend.

* I got a strange sense of sadistic pleasure when my MD blasted the HR. I have no idea why he got it. I felt happy!!!
* Developers need to be treated better by their employers.
* Developers cannot work under unreasonable deadlines, specially when a team is involved. Managements need to understand that what comes up as a result is a working but hotch-potch software. And it will take double effort in the clean up later.
* There is NO ego bigger than that of a software developer. How else would you understand the rationale behind using an 1-MB software component on a 32-MB embedded system.
* The worst time to drive in Bangalore is on Saturday night, when it is raining, especially given Bangalore's reputation as Pub City of India.
* What does the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike ( the Bangalore city corporation) do if a building violates sanctioned building plans? It breaks the building's windows!
* I was watching the Italian F1 GP. A outrageous thought : What if Bangalore were to host an F1 race, on city streets, Monte Carlo style. I can't stop laughing at my own thoughts.


Anonymous said...

b'lore does host a F1 every day almost 24/7......go to
the ring road....inner or outer..........
better yet come along wid me ;)!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey anthro i did hear that on outer ring roads we do have some kind of race. I guess it the desi version of The Fast and The Furious. I guess i need to go sometime there and check out, are u interested??

Praveer said...

Hey Anthro,
What do u mean developers CANNOT work ?
What about the entire last week ? I guess both of us had a deadline. Unreasonable is an understatement for that.

a_beautifulmind said...

Anthro,I agree there is NO ego bigger than that of a software developer.Especially when close to deadlines developers pose even to frnds that they do not have time to say HI also ;-)