Saturday, August 29, 2009

Come Fast Krishna

I was traveling in Bangalore recently, when, from somewhere, the song “Krishna nee begane baaro...” crossed my mind. I began contemplating and saw how “begane” our lives were moving.  Going at this pace, we might be extinct by the time Krishna arrives. Twenty two years it has been my journey, and God knows how many more to come. I do not remember the day I was born, but my childhood feels like it was only yesterday that i used to play with my baby sitting friends and then school, college and now even post-grad studies! Looking back at my own life, I want to attempt to answer the question "What am I?" a little different from what is generally asked by most teenagers. Yes, I know I am human, but I do not intend to settle with answers like that. Have i done anything significant in these years? And what can be considered significant? If I go on like this, then there will be way too many things that require explanations. Apart from being stuck in the race to be the best, learning that tomato is a fruit and Freud is a maniac, have these 22 years been helpful to understand or answer the question I have been waiting to answer? I heard Bob Marley's words, “The plant takes you to yourself”. No, I am not advertising illegal substances, but can just something as simple as grass (the plant) show you what you are? I am waiting... to try, to investigate, to discover.


amulya said...

Hey its gud n made me think too "what am I?"

!nversed Poignancy! said...

To know who and what you are, you must first find who and what you are not. How can we know who we really are? Is it possible to discover our own mystery? Are the ideas and concepts that we have about ourselves real or just passing illusions? How can we find out?

There are so many such questions that we must learn to answer by nothing more than mere questions;)

This is one such question that belongs to this category:)

So a better way to question yourself about who and what you really are, you should try to separate regularity and Constanta of "I AM" from the "I am this or that..." the moment you add this or that, you look at yourself as an "object" and an object you certainly are NOT... and while you are questioning yourself, try to feel and experience deeply what you really are...and what it means to just BE... feel the I AM...empty of anything else... without adding I am ...this...or that... be conscious of not having images of any subpersonality...You will find out that to feel EMPTY and just be the pure "I AM" will be difficult, but worth all the effort...

Unfortunately, we are so much used to look at ourselves, as "objects" that we don't realize what we are doing to ourselves... In fact, all our mental and emotional patterns tell us different stories about who and what we

and finally speaking about a simple thing like "a grass" letting us know what we are?!
Err!, it only makes you lose your identity than anything else, there by giving you an illusionary that you are something..;)

Rama said...

Welcome to THE club