Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I am just another software company employee who is so busy that i hardly get time for anything. This has been talked about too many times. Even my girlfriend keeps hanging up cos i do not spend time with her, “I am sorry my dear compaq with core 2 duo..I still love you” ya thats the way I get my laptop working. Anyway I recently suffered from lots of problems like backache and common cold that never saw its culmination. Thanks to all of that my doctor prohibited me from touching my second girlfriend “Bajaj Wind 125”. I had also heard about so many efforts to save energy and use public transport etc so I thought it might be a good move not only to increase my environment credentials and also try and set right my health. I waited at a shelter-less bus stop near my house and boarded a bus that was quite empty so I even got a seat. I was getting used to the bumpy ride when this guy in khakhi clothes stood next to me. I looked at him and said “boss full tank”. He was just staring at me and it was only after that I realized I was not in a petrol bunk. It was my first bus ride and I am sure to remember it.

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Rama said...

LOLs....good going Aparna