Saturday, June 22, 2013

India mulling over replacing current population with White & African-American people.

India is mulling over replacing its population with white people. The news was revealed by sources in the Home ministry of the central government, on condition of anonymity. Asked about why the government was considering such a massive step, the source said that the government was observing various aspects of the population, and findings and trends indicate that replacing the indigenous 'Brown people' with White and Black people was the next logical, rational step.

"The government has observed that the number of western brands in India has increased manifold. Earlier, it was just the odd brand here and there, but now the western brands are everywhere, like the Parthenium. We see all these new housing construction projects named after cities or localities or landmarks in the west. Even gated communities are a western concept.  We also see advertisements featuring white people instead of Indian models. At the very least, the urban population has to be replaced", said the source.

Further details are awaited.

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