Sunday, June 16, 2013

Not 'Like That Only'

'Like That Only', a restaurant on Hadagur road, close to the Forum Value Mall. We visited the place for dinner. When you enter, you are greeted by a bathtub  with a gramophone speaker. The place has a few quirky decorations, which I guess is their ambiance USP. It sure seemed to have a lot of seating space; both open air and within the building on the ground and first floors. Of course, open air seating means one has to deal with a few mosquitoes, despite mosquito repellant coils.

It is a rather pricey restaurant - the Zomatos and the Burrps already say so.  But at the end of it, neither of us felt it was value for money & the experience was not the best. The staff were courteous, but they did a couple of things that I think defied 'hospitality common sense'. And this 'common sense' is based on my experience at other restaurants.

We ordered the starters and the main course together. At other places, the main course was brought to us after we had finished (or almost finished) the starter. Here, our waiter brought everything together and we had to request him to hold off on the main course till we were done with the appetizers.

Midway through our meal, another group of patrons arrived. This group was expecting a few more folks to join them, and one table would be insufficient to seat them all. So the staff moved a table for them, and placed it so close to ours that we could actually grab food from their table; and of course they from ours. We weren't comfortable with seating at such close proximity to another table.

Finally, our meal was eaten and the bill was paid by cash. As I said earlier, I didn't feel it was value for money for such a pricey restaurant. But what really annoyed me was that the restaurant staff shortchanged us. After charging so much for the food, they really didn't have to be so cheap/unprofessional/discourteous to their patrons as to not return the full change.

Why did they not return the full change? I guess, "Like That Only".

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