Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sweet revenge for India: Jingoistic Indians

Many Indians are celebrating the recent news that Prince William, second in line to the British throne, has clear Indian roots, with many of them considering this sweet revenge. "The East India Company ruled over India for a 100 years, and the British monarchy ruled over us for almost another 100. And we know that this period was marked with discrimination, culture assassination, genocide. Now, an Indian will rule over England, and head the commonwealth. So, by extension, and Indian will rule over all the British colonies. Things have come full circle.". They also added, "It is not just William, his brother, Prince Harry is also of Indian ancestry. "

It is understood that firecrackers were burst in many cities on the day this news was made public. When asked if the celebrations were quite early, because Prince William is not king, and is second in line to the throne, the respondents said "He will sit on the throne, even if for just a day. And will be followed by his brother."

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