Friday, June 25, 2004

Long Time No Blog.

Well, 2 weeks since i last wrote a blog. And 2 weeks since i last came to office. Quite an interesting coincidence isnt it? :) ;)

I wonder what i missed more, writing new posts or reading others blogs and commenting. Whatever be the case, blogging is great time pass. It breaks the monotony of life (specially office life), gives us some time to think(about the monotony), a few moments of introspection , a few minutes for us to search the web for information related to what we are writing about(and to see if any company is hiring people for their blogging skills) etc etc.
Bloging is addictive. And like all drugs it gives the blogger a "kick" :D
And it is enjoyable to read other's blogs and comment on them, sharing ideas and opinions.
So, here I am back @ active blogging and for the "kicks" and other payoffs. I can only hope my boss doesnt see me blogging. If he does, i am going to get "kicks" of a different kind.

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