Thursday, June 10, 2004

So much for tolerance!!!

Hinduism is considered the oldest religions of the world. Hindu thought distinguishes itself by strongly encouraging tolerance for different beliefs.How else can one explain the fact that Hinduism allows one to be an atheist, theist or whatever "ist" you want to be.

The first Christian community in the world, that of the Syrian Christians, was established in Kerala in the 1st century. It was welcomed by the local Hindus and Christians there were always allowed to practise their religion in peace. Islam has flourished in India, we have a Muslim President now and Muslims are free to practise and preach.

Will Pakistan have a Hindu head of state? Unlikely.

In the morning it is the Azaan that wakes me up. Nobody objects to it in India. But if i were in foreigh land and were to play the Venkateshwara Suprabhatam at 5 30 in the morning, i think i will have to face one of the 2 consequences:
1) death
2) get sent back to India(at least i didnt lose my life)

Today the world's two biggest monotheistic religions still think their God is the only true one and it is their duty to convert everybody. Hinduism is probably the only religion in the world which never tried to convert others, or conquer other countries to propagate their own religion.

Why am I writing all this??? Follow this Link :

Has a company ever tried to put the image of christ or an image of the shrine at mecca on shoes and undergarments? Or has any company tried to write any scriptures from the bible or the quran on the same? I doubt.

The Om symbol is used like some kind of a fancy tattoo without knowing the importance that it has to Hindus. It is the "pranava mantra"(the primordial mantra). Om(Aum) which consists of 3 sounds, embodies the essence of the hindu trinity in my view.

This is obvioulsy NOT the only incident. The movie Eyes Wide Shut supposedly had verses of the Srimad Bhagavath Gita in the background in the climax, featuring a group sex scene. (See this link ). Disgusting!!! Why? Didnt Kubrick get any verses from the Bible? The Gita speaks about the righteous way of life. It tells us our duties, irrespective of whether we believe in God or not.

Such audacious disrespect to religious symbols.

Now, some one who is reading the article will follow one cliched argument "Hinduism gave us scriptures like KamaSutra, see the Kajuraho carvings, phallus worship is practised" etc etc etc.....

Phallus worship is practised not in India alone. Just because the Kama Sutra was written in India, it doesnt mean that the Gita needs to be read in a orgy scene; read the Kama sutra itself!

Belief and disbelief in religion is left to oneself. I accept and respect that. But disrespect to someone else's beliefs is defenitely unacceptable by any standards.

I am proud to be a HINDU and Proud to be an INDIAN!


Epiphany said...

Every thing has it's place, same goes for things like kamasutra but when ppl use it as an excuse to fill their pockets as a pretence of fashion tht jst ticks me off.......the wrst thing is even indians are a party to this.....thr was an article on rediff on simillar lines.....i guess u must've read it! i think we shud now make our moto live n let die!!

Sanjeeth said...

I have a feeling that majority of the atheist are Hindus ;)

Ambar said...

Majority of atheists are it because the "hinduism" isn't a religion in the narrow sense of the word that is used by modern religions? Is it more like a collection of philosophies, with an almost welcoming approach to new ideas?

Anonymous said...

Hey i think this whole thing that Hinduism is a collection of philosophy is the thing that makes it so great. It is so flexible to accept a lot good things from the other religions.