Friday, June 11, 2004


The Olympic flame comes to India. A reason for celebration. A time for recognition to be given to the sportspersons who have represented the country in the event.
I consider that getting to hold the olympic flame to be a honour reserved to the best sportspersons of the country. But if one has a look as to who were invited to hold the flame then one could see something was not correct. Imagine....

Aamir Khan: the most he has been associated with sports to my knowledge has been 2 movies about cricket. One flopped miserably.
Aishwarya Rai: if catwalking is a sport then...ok. no comments
Rani mukherjee: Hamming is not a sport. nor is crying in movies or gyrating to songs
Bipasha Basu: some of her movies have had some very hot steamy scenes. may be she's acting out the "world's oldest sport" as a TV commercial used to say.
Vivek Oberoi: atleast i could comment on the others. No comments. :D

What is the logic behind inviting these people? Star attraction? Maybe,since a kid said that she had come to see the actors and knew nothing about the flame. Unfortunate.

With such people coming, why should rahul dravid come under fire? Atleast he is a sportsperson. Cricket is also a sport. And Olympics is about sports and the spirit of healty competition not about specifics as to which games are in the
olympics and which are not. And what makes people think cricket was NOT in the Olympics? See: AND AND

No i am not defending cricket. Prakash Padukone, All England champion, Ramesh or Ramanathan Krishnan, some fine tennis stars, PT Usha, the most famous Indian track and field athlete, Geet Sethi/Michael Ferreira etc were not invited. Why?

Don't their contributions however small, deserve recognition. If the Indian Olympic Committee itself doesnt think about these people, will the sponsors? And the next question, "why sponsors?". does the flame need to be commercialised?

For india, the flame was not citius-altius-fortius. it has been Tardus-Depressus-Infurmus.


Sanjeeth said...

That should be our quiz teams name after that finals :(

Anonymous said...

Sad state of sports in India. That is why we have to accept that we cannot win an Olympic medal with such an attitude. God save Indian sports from these stupid, braindead people who gave away the invitations.