Saturday, June 26, 2004

SMART Minds Are Recursive Thinkers.

Do we think recursively? Or is language recursive in nature and hence leads to recursive thought? By the way, what is language? See this link. - Human uniqueness, learned symbols and recursive thought -James R Hurford.
PS: There is this blogger who claims that he thinks recursively. I doubt that he thinks, recursion is a far cry ;)


Epiphany said...

not fair...u r givin xtra links to smarty'z blog!!

Sanjeeth said...

I noted that the link to my blog had the alt text
void think(){think();}. If it was intended I appreciate the pun that the think function returns nothing :)

Anthroponym said...

Sanjeeth,the void in the "void think()" was an accidental coincidence. i put void to reduce the length of the alt text. only later did i realise the deep meaning that void think(){think();} has. :D