Friday, June 04, 2004

Shoulder Surfing

This is in a way a sequel to LoudMouth's article titled Amnesia or what. To put it in more apt terms it is actually more of a "cause-effect" relationship.

CLAIMER : This is NOT a fictitious article. It is hence not a figment of my imagination. Any resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely intentional. I am writing this with the cleanest of conscience. What I say is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

What do you do when you are tired of working for a full day? Well you read a blog. And LoudMouth had shouted at the top of his voice (through email) telling us of a new post.

So that is what I did, read LoudMouth's latest post.

Shoulder surfing. For the uninformed, it is the act of standing behind a person and seeing what the person is doing, simply, by following the content on the monitor. Not a very gentlemanly(or lady-ly) act.

My browser was showing text in a small font and I was tired of staring at the stupid CRT screen the full day. Hence, I increased the text size to 120% and sat back to read. Little did I notice that I had fallen victim to shoulder surfing. One person, a female colleague of mine had followed the post and its comments(including mine).

The re-reading (of my comment) was interrupted by a single question "who is that?". Assuming that the "who" meant taran (who had posted a pretty stupid looking photograph of himself), I started telling about LoudMouth. "No no, who is the person that this LoudMouth is describing? Who is that guy?"

Knowing who "the guy"(a fellow blogger) was, I hit "the guy"'s blog. I then had to stop work while my colleague read through most of "the guy"'s posts on my computer.

I then proceeded to show a close up photograph of "the guy", showering praise on him and his intellectual abilities, his research publications and his fan following.

What I saw next amazed me and left me and another colleague of mine shocked. There seemed to be a blush on the cheeks, a glow in the eyes. The facial expression said it all.

LoudMouth had played match maker unintentionally( and I had played my part too). And all it took were one post by LoudMouth, an idiot who could not watch his back and a few posts by "the guy". This was not love at first sight , it was love on first "read".

Shoulder surfing, it seems, had bridged hearts.

I don't write as well as "the guy". I am hoping against hope that someone would read my blog (including this) and maybe, just maybe.....


Epiphany said...

OK.......ANANTH, gud more collegues??
Taran....ME nxt.........Sanjeeth.......he he he sir, besht of luk ;) but one thing was wierd, u said u were wrkin all day....Hmmmmm, Ms collegue....Gud choice ! and Sundar, still waitn for u'r comment:)

Taran said...

Ass. Narrowly missed.;) learnt a lesson. Next post is on me. ;) You shld leave it with text size 200% so nobody can help but look at at it.
BTW, Epiphany, if you carefully read, Anthroponym says " ...I then had to stop work while my colleague read..." while he was re-reading his comment. Meaning blogging is his work there at office. Past-time there @ office is doing office work.
I sometime think of shifting to Call-centre, BPO firm.

Sanjeeth said...

I think you are trying to create a new theme for bolywood,mm bloggywood?

Anonymous said...

Another one added to the list of SOBs !!
I thought I just have to compete with a handful of stupid guys within My company. The competetion it seems is increasing atleast in quantity by each day.
Shoulder surfing my left FOOT !!
Sometimes the accusation of ruling out ones chances with a girl get so much distributed one gets confused whether to kill one guy or to see 3 guys die 33% each.
All the guys in mention share the (dis)credit here.

Lesson of the moment :
If any activity has some set of conditions under which it can work against you the possibility of that set of contitions to occur simultaneously is directly proportional to the severeity of the damage they will cause.

Murphy's Law of Love:
Brains * Beauty * Availability = Constant

Taran said...

Hey anonymous,
Lauffed a lot 2 three guys dying 33% each.;)
there are actually four guys involved, the author of Amnesia, the one on whom the lady "Shoulder surfed", the guy (the subject), and one who asks for 200% text size.
BTW I think its better to see those 4 guys die 25% each so that they can die some % age again and 100% once, probably for a final time.

Epiphany said...

i agree with anonymous......only 1 change needs to me made.....

BRAIN*BEAUTY*AVAILABILTY = 0.00000000000000000

Taran said...

OMG! Epiphany I also thought the same but didn't write.
The brain thing spoils everything. Just beacuse there are some exceptions we can make

Ambar said...
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Sundar said...

I dont think I posted my photograph?

Ambar said...
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Ambar said...

Ananth, you dodo! Check out katty's comment and u'll know what I meant!