Friday, July 09, 2004

The city dweller

Does the city dweller have it in him/her to live the life of-
an inca in the arid andes or the Atacamaa taureg in the heart of the Sahara
an inuit(eskimo) in the vast expanse of snow and icea sherpa in the cold mountaineous terrains of the himalayas
an aborigine in the wild australian outbacka pygmy in the rainforests of equatorial africa

Homo sapien is the most successful species in the world. But for some reason, we change our surroundings to suit us rather than adapting to the them and living in harmony. The native dwellers of the land however, have learnt to live in symbiosis with nature.Can we do the same?


Epiphany said...

that is exactly th ereason y we have reality shows like ans this Q!! also nu posht!!

Ishwar said...

man is born to conquer nature, not to follow it.
Vivekananda & Ishwar.