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Infosys-The true story

Conspiracy Theory

Welcome back to We continue the commentary from last week's shocking revelations about the long term plans of Bangalore based IT giant, Infosys Technologies Ltd.

The truth is slowly beginning to dawn on Indian business gurus and international military strategists alike. Why did Infosys recruit talent from all sectors of Engineering when most other IT firms preferred people from Electronics or Comp Science background? Infosys has people from Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Naval Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, Chemical Engineering, Architecture, Bio Medical Engineering? Mining? This year Infosys also posted recruitment ads for experts in Thermo Dynamics, Ballistics, Advanced chip set computing and neural Networks. What have these engineers got to do with maintaining and upgrading application and business software in sectors like Finance, Insurance, Food Processing, supermarket accounting and Warehouse management ? - Nothing!

What is the common thread between all these different professionals - apparently nothing! Then why are they all together in this sprawling billion dollar campus in Bangalore? Is there a deeper secretive operation happening behind the shaded glass domes of Infosys' campuses? Why are
operations in different divisions within Infosys such a secret? Sometimes Infocions themselves do not know what happens in the "distant" Nortel OSDC, or in the Mysterious "Internet Business Group". interviewed several former Infoscions who left the company under suspicious circumstances and often without termination benefits. We couldn't get a single person to give any facts about the inside activities of Infosys. In some cases the person was visibly shaken at the mention of the Infosys Bangalore campus. Is this a well planned conspiracy to threaten panicky Infocions who know too much? What does this campus hold that is so scary to mention?

What are these crazy Infocions upto? Are they building a super secret military base right in the heart of Bangalore? Military experts agree that Bangalore is the ideal place for planning a Military strategy.

Water is a key component in Chemical, Biological and nuclear research. Is this one of the reasons the Infosys campus is so near the Neeladri Water Park? With the talent pool available in Infosys, some experts predict it is possible to build an entire Naval Fleet complete with Battle cruisers
capable of torpedoes equipped with Nuclear Warheads, Surface to Air ballistic missiles and self guiding ICBMs based on GPS systems.

Why does Infosys have a mega bandwidth communication setup? It is believed that Infosys has accumulated enough computing power by not discarding its old used computers and assembling all of them in the underground parallel computing superlab at Infosys City. This parallel processing environment is said to be capable of 365 Teraflops which is much much higher than all the FBIs supercomputers pooled together. This kind of computing power it is said should be able to simulate Thermo nuclear Fusion and Fission in Hours instead of Months. Speculators go as far as to say, Infosys controls its stock prices in the market with an advanced modeling system capable of predicting stock prices upto the Next Century!

The recruitment in Infosys is purely on merit unlike government organizations like the ISRO, NDA and DRDO who are plagued and crippled by the governments own reservation policies. Creating a mediocre talent pool with no real visionary skills. The recent nth attempt to get the GSLV
rocket off the ground in one piece is evidence enough. Government departments are notorious for bribes and sabotage. The Recent expose of corrupt defense officials all the way to the Defense Minister is shameful evidence of the atrocious state of affairs. Research and development for Defense needs in critical locations like Siachen has been severely compromised by ill performing government Scientists.
The necessity for brilliant Minds coupled with the increasing demand for tech workers from third world countries provided a unique setup for Defense Research which could sustain itself through activities like production support, maintenance and enhance 500 companies. This revenue could be internally piped to the other group of Engineers who are ful time into Defense Research projects. It is believed that, presently there are more than 30 different projects being worked on by Infosys Engineers in the Bangalore Campus and elsewhere.

Why did Infosys donate Tata Sumo vehicles to the Local police Department? All this hectic activity does not come without a price. The massive teraflop super computing power needs huge amounts of power and state of the art refrigeration. Infosys decided to start its own Nuclear Reactor in 1993 to evade the constant power cuts from the KEB. More cooling water was required. The Nearby Neeladri water park was secretly purchased by Infosys. Presently this water park is operated by a group of Infocions who are on Bench.

Good Roads were required for transportation of Nuclear reactor Core elements, moderators and fuel in and out of Electronics City. Infosys poured in tons of money to the PWD and the KEB to get the entire Hosur Road from Tamilnadu to Kormangala restored. The Nuclear Reactor work took off in 1998 under the Guise of "Infosys Park". Building 3 was the designated Reactor installation. This also doubles as a fully functional Diesel generator which acts as a front to visitors and Employees. The Nuclear Reactor and the Diesel Generators are being run by Infosys employees on Bench.
The Public Works Dept (PWD), the Karnataka Electricity Board(KEB), the KWSSB (Karnataka Water Supply and Sanitation Board), The BCC (Bangalore City Corporation) were bought off with huge sums of cash or blackmail operations. Sanctions, Land endowments, permissions, pollution control
approvals were all gathered and filed within months. To keep all illegal and unauthorized activities under warps, Infosys started getting friendly with the Bangalore City Police. It started by donating hundreds of Tata Sumo vehicles. Every Tata sumo is equipped with a GPS system that can locate the vehicle within a few meters anywhere in Bangalore. All data is statistically analyzed at the parallel computing Superlab in Infosys City. The Vehicles were also equipped with radio signal controlled camera and Microphones. Of course all this gadgetry was cleverly welded into the frame by Infosys engineers at the time of the manufacture. In June 1996 Eighty Infocions quit jobs and joined TCS in the Tata Sumo operating division in Gurgaon, Haryana. Mysteriously all of them joined back Infosys in Mid 1998. What was the master plan executed in the Tata sumo
factories? How many more of such doctored Sumos exist ? And for what ulterior reasons? The data gathered is used to maintain a huge database of Information about local gangsters, middle men and politicians and detailed documentation of all corruption deals amongst the gangsters, police force and top politicians. Using this information Infosys controls the Entire Bangalore State Police, the underworld and the politicians. In addition using the Information against Central Government politicians. Infosys controlled the Entire country's Police Force, Political outfit,
Media outlet and TV journalism. No wonder the Indian Media seems to be perpetually happy with Infosys. Control of the Media also gives Infosys an edge in the stock Market. The artificially created media hype is done using Cash and Blackmail of top officials in leading publications like
Economic Times, Indian Express, Business Week share prices back home. It can also Influence the world Media, thus pushing its NASDAQ listing by entire points in a day. It was also seen that Infosys shares dropped more than 60 percent during mid February last year. Experts speculate that this was done by mass selling of company owned stocks by hundreds of Infocions on bench in the Cybercafe. This was done to gain a lower share price for distributions amongst its employees in the now meaningless ESOP.

Infosys plays a lead role in ushering in the new Internet. The wireless Internet. Why does Infosys have strategic Partnerships and Alliances with networking and wireless giants like I2, JASDIC, Microsoft, SAP, CICSO, CIDRA, Evolving Systems, Jetstream Communications, Last Mile Soultions, Lucent Technologies, Nightfire Software, Nortel Networks, Paradyne Corporation, Quintessent(tm) Communications, Riverstone Networks, YadaYada?

Observers theorize, that this will give Infosys unprecedented access to the terabytes of data that zig zag the globe including all espionage operations by the United States, Israel, Great Britain, Japan, Germany and China. The value of such information runs into billions of Dollars.
Infosys is also working with Microsoft on the project. This will virtually put protected information of every Internet user in the world at the finger tips of Top Infosys officials. Medical records, criminal records, government tax records, internet browsing habits,
e-mails sent and received everything. This means a smear campaign can be organized on anybody in minutes. The Value of such information in the open market, especially from buyers like political rivals, business rivals, military strategists are enormous.

Infosys is uniquely positioned to control the Information networks of the world right from the parallel processing superlab, buried underground somewhere in Infosys City, Hosur Road.

Why is there an increase in number of "Accidents" and sickness to key Infocions all around the world? motor accident in Kaulalumpur, food poisoning in Japan, fire in Milwaukee, fever an headaches in Mangalore, sustained delirious coma in Bangalore (read our previous article titled
"Infoscions are Delirious" which talks about hallucinating Infocions dreaming of 60% pay hikes! Ha!).

Tornado and floods in Bubaneshwar last year, Earthquake in Gujarath (whose effects were felt in the Pune DC. The geological survey of India apart from Richter scale recordings also recorded increased radiation levels in the Arabian Sea. The Russian - Ri=DFkoh=C8 Navigator ship recorded faint readings of an undersea thermo Nuclear detonation in the region) Are these really accidents or is there a darker shadow behind these happenings? Are these Infocions receiving threatening letters? No body will tell. We are all puppets. But who are the Puppet> masters? The high officials of Infosys? The Government? The inter party alliance of Defence Activists? A raving Lunatic within Infosys? The FBI? The CIA? Who? Who stands to benefit from all these psychopathic plans? Join us next week, when more reports pour in about the unbelievable plans of this once small time South
Indian company to take over the rest of the world!
- reporting Live for (not Tehelka for copyright reasons, but
Pronounced Tehelka) Milwaukee

It's a work of fiction but really interesting... Enjoy!!! Hats off to person who has written this.
The above article was one that I got in my mailbox. As the last line read, Hats off to the anonymous author who wrote this interesting and creative piece.

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