Tuesday, July 27, 2004

One more-Yours truly "Post Graduates"

The 4th convocation of the Indian Institute of Information Technolgy-Bangalore was held this Sunday and yours truly along with 132 others received their degrees. I cannot believe that 2 years of IIITB have passed by. There seems to be a void that has manifested out of thin air.

The day was joyous.Congratulations, pats, hugs, introductions to family and friends were the order of the day. Laughter was abundant. People were laughing, because it was the culmination of formal education (for most) and for the fact that we looked funny in the convocation gown and cap. I even remarked to one guy that he looked like Mickey Mouse.

As Sanjeeth put it, emotions ran high. While visitors were overawed by the institute that looks (in my view), like a corporate office, this guy stood looking at his photograph in one of the display panels, admiring his upturned hairstyle and commenting that he looked more handsome-er and more geeky-er in it than in real life. Deserving medal winners sported ear to ear grins. The applause that greeted the winner of the "Professional Contribution" award was defeaning. Congratulations to Mr Kirukkal.


The convocation is a once in a lifetime event. An event i will cherish forever.

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Sundar said...

Thanks Anthroponym for your wishes.

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