Saturday, July 31, 2004


Apparently some "friendship day" is round the corner. Man, have we come a long way! There used to be those days when as a kid I understood only two kinds of days - school days and no-school days. Later I started to understand the reason behind the no-school days,( now refered to as holiday [a new "day"]). Still the fact remained that I had no school.

Even at this time "days" were independence day, republic day , my birth day :), someone else's birthday(coz the someone else would distribute chocolates in school) and the usual summer and the winter holidays.

Today however there are a plethora of these days! We seem have more "days" than there are in a year. Some of these days like Population Day, Earth Day, World AIDS Day etc attempt to address issues that the whole world needs to tackle. But things dont always hit the target. People thought(still think) Population Day is a day to celebrate human population and not that it is a day to reflect on the problems we face due to the excess of it! I remember that when India's 1 billionth child was born, she was showered with gifts, free travel in airplanes and all kinds of such offers.

While days with a social cause are one side, we have a day for everything that we see, feel, hear, imagine and experience. We seem to have a day for every emotion and a day for every relation(mother's day, father's day).

We have a day of celebration or mourning on every other day. And what about days like Feb 21 which UNESCO has announced as Mother Language Day!(whatever that means). For a full list one can see the Wikipedia list of historical anniversaries.

It seems very likely that we soon run out of days in the year to commemorate the various events.

All these days have left me da(y)zed I better call it a day!
By the way is there a "World Bloggers Day" ?

If you want to know what happened in history today see BBC

Probably Ishwar would want "underwear lingerie" day. Ishwar, Sanjeeth, Ambar u know what I mean no :-D ;-)

Update: As requested by Ishwar, i have changed "underwear" to "lingerie". Think American winds are affecting Ishwar


Sundar said...

Why would UNESCO celebrate my birthday as Mother Languages Day?

-- Sundar

Ishwar said...

i vehemently oppose this move to make me infamous... make it world lingerie day...

Nilu said...

Hmm....I wonder.

Anonymous said...
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Sanjeeth said...

ishwar, ur claim to fame has always been underwear(and noting else)-your seminal paper "A greedy approach towards optimizing usage of externally intangible resources" aka "how to use a underwear for 4 consecutive days".But Lingerie?