Friday, July 16, 2004

Picture This

It is the Friday evening. You are in your seat, looking at the faint glow of your CRT screen, not bothering what is being shown on it. You want to leave for the week. But you can't. It is the monsoon and it is raining cats and dogs. You see the raindrops hitting your window pane, and flowing away slowly. You are bored; bored bored bored bored bored. So bored, that boredom is boring you now. It is cold inside the office too. A sense of gloom is decscnding upon you. A sense of sadness that you have experienced before, but not so much as now. You get up and go to the restroom.
Slowly you make your way back to your seat, pausing to see of the rain has abated. It has not. The sense of gloom increases. You pull yourself to your seat. And on the table you see that thing that comes as sunshine and brings a smile on your face. You see - a plate of hot spicy milagai bajji and a large steel tumbler of hot strong coffee. :-)


Sanjeeth said...

Today is the first day the sun is out here and you post this?

Anthroponym said...

But given the case that u are stuck in office then u wud defenitely like a plate of milagai bajji and a cup of coffee(or tea or whatever ur preference is). Dont deny that.

Cantwell Carson said...


You posted on "Terminal Island" with a good question and I thought I'd answer it. You asked, why not make it availible for download? I don't want to because I want to make sure that people are connected to eachother in some way here. It also just seems like a little too much hassle. And, that sounds like a wonderful surprise. It looks like a gread blog you have.

Cantwell G. Carson

Anonymous said...

hey how i want rains back...the sun is really sharp and i dont like it at all...when will v get back those rainy days again?