Monday, July 05, 2004

Sporting Bonanza

I dont think things could get any better than this last Sunday for sports entusiasts. One could not ask for more. The French Grand Prix, the finals of Wimbledon, and the finals of the Euro Cup. For once I didnt surf channels and was stuck to one till the event ended. I am not an expert to comment if the winners deserved their victories or not. But they are the champions and that is all that matters.

Greece, underdogs, who were not expected to make it past the first round of matches ended up winning the title. They are now the kings of the Europe./P>

Andy Roddick seemed to be in a hurry. He played with a great intensity and i would say dominated the court.It seemed that Roger Federer would not be able to successfully defend his title. But in the end, Roger held his nerve and his title too.

I dont watch much of F-1. But this man, Schumi, is a living legend.


sandeep said...

hey you missed out hockey final, motor racing which was on the same day .... sporting bonanza .. truly ...

Anthroponym said...

Hockey- Rabobank tournament- india lost badly. so didnt mention it :(
Motor Racing - forgot
btw, the Tour de France is also on.